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We seek first the Kingdom of Creator and our intent is to do so in pure charity. Our profession is to advance good to all in peaceful service to Creator through our fellow man. It is not our intent to handle commercial instruments and we actively seek alternatives. To that end, all dollar amounts shown in association with our offerings are intended as suggested donation.

If we are doing something improperly and/or contrary to our above stated intentions and duties, it is due to lack of knowledge and NOT because we intend to be in contradiction or incongruent. We ask for your assistance in the highest name of authority, that being Creator, to share with us any appropriate tools and knowledge so that we can exercise our above stated profession and Christian duties and give of ourself out of pure love and charity.

Among other things, we offer high quality, natural hygiene items. Health-conscious people all over the world are discovering that natural ingredients is the way to go. We are here to help you in that effort

Hygiene Naturally

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